Our Mission


CAPTAINJACKED.COM is a company that believes in loyalty, intensity and compassion.  We do not view our customers as mere statistics or unknown people.  We want and do our best to develop personal relationships with our customers.

We do this so we are able to support and assist our customers in their fitness goals regardless of whether you are training for general health, a specific sport such as football, wrestling, baseball etc., bodybuilding/physique competitions, powerlifting competitions or getting ready to pursue a career in MMA.  When you use CAPTAINJACKED.COM to aid you in achieving your goals you become family.

Within that family, we strive to support, love, challenge, encourage and strengthen you. We are loyal, intense and regardless of male or female we are serious about our training and about maximizing our efforts in everything we choose to do in life. 

When you become part of the CAPTAINJACKED.COM family we want to hear from you.  We want to know how you like the supplements you have purchased from CAPTAINJACKED.COM.  We want to know how your training is going.  We want to know which competitions you are training to compete in.  Lastly, we want to see your photos and videos of you proudly wearing the family symbol! The CAPTAINJACKED.COM logo is not just the symbol of a brand.  It is the symbol of being part of an intensely loyal family whose individuals members are intense, hardcore, passionate and loyal.  The CAPTAINJACKED.COM family pursues life with all their entire being.  Welcome to the CAPTAINJACKED.COM family.



Our mission is to satisfy our customers needs’ for superior sports/nutritional supplements including great taste, healthy, effective and functional.

1. Superior Quality.  Customers should always be able to trust the superior quality and taste of the sports/nutritional supplements we sell.  Our goal is to sell you a product that tastes as good as the packaging looks and as a good as the customer service you receive in delivering it directly to you.

2. Our Customers.  We are committed to establishing and maintaining partnerships with our customers by providing high quality products, superior service, and effective promotion of our brand. Your hard work benefits us and we want to make it as easy and as comfortable for you to receive the products you want. 

3. Quest for Excellence.  We strive and will always strive to be the best as a business and as individuals.  You will see the executives of the company delivering product, taking the orders for product, and communicating with our customers to make sure there is satisfaction with the products and the delivery of the products.  If we say we are going to do something we will do it.  We will constantly strive to seek improvement in all facets of our relationships with our customers and strive to develop new opportunities for business growth.

5. Respect for the Individual.  Our customers are the most valued asset we have and our customers are critical to our success.  We will not tolerate mediocrity from ourselves or representatives, who have the task of representing us as individuals and as a business.

6. Uncompromising Integrity.  We will not sell a product we personally do not like.  We will not sell a product that we do not have confidence in.

7. Continuous Growth.  We will continually strive for growth opportunities to expand our market and our product range.